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I’m Mary Ann Williams (many people call me “Maw” for short) and I help you connect with your everyday intuition to make changes and big leaps in life.  I’m no stranger to making big leaps (going “pro” with School of Moxie has been my biggest leap yet!) and I’ve been through the trenches to know how difficult life can be when we don’t tune out the noise (more commonly known as “shoulda-woulda-coulda”).

Tuning in to your internal compass is a learned skill that requires you to be an active participant in the changes that are happening in your life.  It’s like training a muscle and I spent years quietly teaching others how to do this while climbing the corporate ladder.  When I listened to my own intuition, I realized it was time to for me to help more people just like you.


My story.

As a recovering Type A achievement junkie, I know what it’s like to be on all the time, 24/7/365.  I’m the product of the University of Michigan School of Information, a top ranked graduate program at a top ranked university.  Going big has been burned into my DNA.  Professionally, I’ve been known as a technology librarian and archivist for the past decade and I’ve worked for big brands like Disney Animation Studios.

I had a habit of going so hard, an unfortunate side effect of living in a competitive environment like Los Angeles, that my body would simply collapse on a regular basis, usually with a really bad cold.  The worst wake-up call came after I moved to Austin, Texas and I jumped into my new adventures without taking proper care of myself.  I came down with a lovely case of shingles… on my FACE.  I had just turned 33.  I don’t think I need to explain how awful this was, mostly because I felt like an orc from The Lord of the Rings.  (Yup, I just went there.)


The process of discovery.

After recovering from shingles, I was reminded to pay attention to my intuition.  I went back to reading the Tarot for clients as a way to help myself stay grounded in my intuitive space and explored self-care activities like Yin yoga and all sorts of meditation practices.  But my professional life was constantly dogging me along the way.  I would make progress to create balance and peace in my life and then slide back into heavy responsibilities with tremendous work loads.

Let me tell you, the struggle was real.  In a particularly bad experience working on another person’s start-up dreams, it became clear that the Universe was urging me to go bigger and go bolder.  My heart was calling me to work with more clients because nothing makes me happier than watching someone go from burned out to joyful.  Going “pro” meant taking full responsibility for my intentions and my actions because I had become one of my own clients.  It meant I needed a break.  A big one.


Give yourself permission.

After studying and reading the Tarot for many years, I became a certified Akashic Records reader. That kicked off a series of deep healing experiences and I gave myself permission to take a professional sabbatical.  Taking a sabbatical was not about running from any problems, but about facing them head on so that they didn’t follow me around like a bad shadow.  Undoing the pressure and the stress required thoughtfulness and patience, both of which are learned skills that they most definitely didn’t teach me in my fancy collegiate education or my high powered career track.

When I talked about this concept with my peers, I learned that they (and likely you, too) suffered from the same problems.  I know from my own experience that as you learn ways to quiet the noise of life, it’s a lot easier to hear your inner wisdom calling to you.  Going back to the basics like sleeping well, eating well, and doing daily physical movement gets you out of your mind and into your body so that you can feel your “gut” feelings again and hear your inner compass guiding you to what comes next.  You know you’re ready for a change when your LinkedIn profile looks amazeballs, but your journal says you’re feeling more like a hot mess.

Overwhelm be gone!

What I know is that other people come to me for higher guidance, for healing, and for the truth.  The #1 compliment I receive regularly is that I do not feed you bulls#!t.  I teach people just like you and me to feel your inner wisdom, learn how to develop trust in your natural intuition, and have faith in your own abilities.  After that, it’s inevitable to make changes, trust your leaps, and land on your feet.  Your heart wants to feel the pitter-patter when you know you’re following your most honest choices, am I right?  Yeah, I know that feeling, too.

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