Cosmo Bag Sew Along: Step #1

The first step for the Cosmo Bag, is simple!  In all of the pattern sheets, you need to locate all the pattern pieces and cut them out.  When you’re done, you should have the following pieces (listed in Amy Butler’s Style Stitches, page 23):

  • Main panel
  • Side panel
  • Band
  • Handle
  • Side pocket/side pocket lining panel
  • Lining/inside pocket panel

Cosmo Bag pattern pieces

I decided to treat my pattern pieces like templates, so I very carefully cut right around the edge of the black lines so that I can retain the pattern pieces more easily.  I’m going to make a few of these bags, actually, so I may trace these onto my oak tag manila paper — I did this with my Washi Dress pattern and it enables me to just lay down the pattern pieces (weighted with some heavy metal washers I picked up at the hardware store) and trace around the edges with some tailor’s chalk.

Cosmo Bag pattern pieces

We will cut our fabric and interfacing in step two, so if you haven’t decided on your fabrics yet, now is the time!  Also, be sure that you pick up the proper woven interfacing that Amy Butler lists in the materials section of the instructions.  She uses Pellon Shape-Flex (and I do, too, but they are not the only makers of woven interfacing), which is found in all the major fabric and crafting stores.  This bag pattern really requires the right supporting textiles, so if you decide to skimp and use the cheaper flimsy stuff, you will find that your bag has less structure and strength.  I’m on a mission right now to sew all of the bags in this book, so I bought an entire bolt of this specific interfacing and got a great deal with a recent 50% off sale & free shipping coupon on

I will add the interfacing to my Amazon Store this week and post the link in step #2 for anyone who wants to buy it online.  What would we do without the Internet??

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  • Elke - Dear Moxie,
    Thank you so much for this wonderful detailed instruction. I love the Cosmo Bag. I have the book now for quite a while but never dared to start working on it due to the poor instruction. Now that I have found your blog me and a friend started a week ago and finished our bags today.

    Thank you and best wishes from Germany!


    • Mary Ann Williams - Thank you so much, Elke! This makes me smile so much. 🙂 I am thrilled that you and your friends are making bags together and were able to use my blog. Thank you for reading! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Cosmo Bag Sew Along: Step #14 : School of Moxie - […] It’s heeeeerrrrrreee!!!  The end of the Cosmo Bag Sew Along… dun dun duuuun.  I’m kind of wiping my brow at this point, this bag has a lot of steps in it.  Now we have a gorgeous bag with big pockets and full lining, but we’re missing the button to finish the closure.  Hopefully you’ll have picked up a cover button kit — I found mine at JoAnn Fabrics with a coupon (3 cheers!).  And you should also have your round fabric piece that was cut way back in Step #1. […]ReplyCancel

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