Cosmo Bag Sew Along: Preparation

Alright, Moxie Peeps… your search terms have spoken loud and clear!  Here starts the Amy Butler Cosmo Bag sew along… step by (soon-to-be-no-longer-confusing) step.  Anyone who has picked up Amy Butler’s Style Stitches knows the book to be quite beautiful, after all Amy Butler produces some of the most visually stimulating fabric prints.  Her bag patterns are equally thrilling to look at with elegant pleats, stylish handles and straps, and they are really functional on the inside, too.

Amy Butler Style Stitches

The book is organized so that the “beginner” bag patterns are in the front, “intermediate” patterns in the middle, and “advanced” patterns at the end.  The very first bag pattern is the Cosmo Bag and it’s so attractive, perfect for stuffing all kinds of goodies inside it.  Simply because it is the first pattern in the book (not to mentioned it is labeled “beginner”) I think we all pick up Amy Butler’s Style Stitches and assume that the Cosmo Bag will be quick, easy, and completely doable.

Amy Butler Cosmo Bag

Doable?  Yes, eventually.
Easy… debate-able.
Beginner?  With better instructions… maybe.  It’s more of an advanced beginner pattern if you ask me.  I can think of REAL beginner tote bag projects for new sewers/sewists that will help a true newbie construct a functional soft accessory and practice getting their stitching legs under them.  The first time I made this bag, I spent an extra weekend trying to finish it mostly due to step #5.

Amy Butler Cosmo Bag

I was so happy with the finished bag (when it was finally done) and I get a ton of compliments on it.  The only problem with this project (and the other bags from this book) is that the written instructions are not clear.  They need WAY more illustrations and they also need to explain things more clearly.  It’s like the book was designed first and then someone was told to write instructions that would fit the design.  The reference librarian in me is shaking her head in disdain.

Amy Butler Cosmo Bag by School of Moxie

Here’s how I plan to do this sew along — I’m going to organize each post to match each of the numbered points in the instructions.  I want to document how each step looks with clear photographs and give all of you a place where you can write you comments, share links to your own bags on your own blogs, and ask questions so that we can all pitch in and help each other figure out these blasted instructions.

Amy Butler Cosmo Bag

The Cosmo Bag that I’m making for this sew along is going to be a gift for my friend Kellie who recently celebrated her birthday.  I’m so timely, I give my gifts a month late… ha!  For Kellie’s bag I am upcycling some beautiful sheets and a duvet cover that I don’t use any more, so this is a very socio-eco-conscious project.

old sheets for refashion upcycle

I’m hoping that when this sew along is complete, that all of you will find a great resource here on School of Moxie for this extremely popular bag!  I’m also many months late for another friend’s (Anna) birthday… for Anna I’m going to make the Teardrop bag, which is also in Amy Butler’s Style Stitches.  Anna has a quarter yard of a SUPER charming Russian doll print and I’ll supplement the rest of her bag’s fabric with upcycled fabric from my stash, just like what I’m using for Kellie’s bag.  There may be a LOT of Amy Butler bags in August!  Not necessarily a bad thing.

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