Sew Modern, Los Angeles

Sew Modern… A Modern Delight!

One of my favorite outings on my recent staycation was to finally visit Sew Modern.  Back in the day when I commuted 100 minutes each way (on a good day in traffic!), I used to crawl by Sew Modern’s store front in my car and drool.  I would dream about sewing all day, putting my hands all over fabrics instead of a laptop keyboard.  On my way home each evening, I would hope for a red light so I could peer into their store window and see if there was a class going on.  It just looked soooo inviting!!  And just as I had thought, it was such a pleasant morning the day I walked in their doors… finally.

Sew Modern
10921 W. Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90064
(310) 446 – 4397

Sew Modern, Los Angeles

The store was just as inviting on the inside as it was from all those days rolling by in my car, peering through the windows.  They had so many charming prints!  I went in knowing that I wanted to find my new fabric for view 2 of the Sassy Librarian Blouse on Craftsy.  I thought I kind of knew what I wanted but quickly encountered choice overload and paralysis by indecision.  As I wandered around, I found the sale fabrics and they were AMAZING.  That is what I ended up choosing because the combination of price point and inspiration from the fabrics hit my sweet spot.

fabric from Sew Modern, Los Angeles

And while I was at it… I also chose a really charming lightweight cotton for a Colette Sorbetto blouse.  Don’t worry, Moxie Peeps… you’ll see all these new clothes in short order!

fabric from Sew Modern, Los Angeles

I chatted a little bit with Lauren, the owner, and she was super friendly with me while I was wandering the bolts of fabric and answered all of my questions.  I loved the big, open space of the store.  For my Westside friends, if you don’t want to schlep across town for a good sewing class, Sew Modern might be your ticket.

Sew Modern, Los Angeles

Not looking for a print, you say?  No problem!  They have a WALL of solids.  I re-read my notes I brought with me and realized I needed a contrast color for my Sassy Librarian Blouse, so I found the exact shade of tomato red in a lovely Kona cotton.

Sew Modern, Los Angeles

Sew Modern also has a nice collection of notions up front.  However, I think what I really appreciate about this store is its website.  You can order fabrics from them, in addition to trims, but I adore that they include books and magazines!  It’s a great site and as a digital girl, I really appreciate that they have a high quality online presence.

The only downside I could see is that there is a heavy emphasis on quilting at Sew Modern, but I don’t mind that so much because this store can still meet garment sewing needs.  A lot of Moxie Peeps know that I love to sew with cotton and there are a couple stores in the greater Los Angeles region that I willingly schlep to, just to choose good fabrics.  Sew Modern is a really great option for me that will also help save gas money and I’m so glad I finally made time to shop there.  They sell fabric by the 1/2 yard, which is definitely different that other fabric stores, so just be sure to do the math if you buy multiple yards for full garments like I do.

notions at Sew Modern, Los Angeles

Parking at this location is super easy.  Right next to the block of shopfronts is a small pay lot, and while it’s not free parking, it’s certainly easy parking.  I’ll take easy parking any day in this city!  So now you have no excuse.  You can easily get to this store, find parking, and if your car isn’t in working order (or you have to take a plane to get here) you can visit their online store.  Voila!  See how easy that was?

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  1. Wow! What a nice review. It was a pleasure having you in to shop, Mary Ann! Thanks for everything!

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