Happy Birthday, Mr. Giles!

Happy 5th Birthday, Mr. Rupert Giles! 

Mr. Giles turns 5 at SchoolOfMoxie.com

Mr. Giles’ 5th birthday – February 28 – March 1, 2013.

My furry baby is five years old… I can’t quite believe it.  Other people have children, I have a fluffy cat and it really does feel like I just brought him home yesterday.  I see the kitten in his face and the way he makes mischief, but he is definitely an adult now.  When I adopted him I didn’t think he would turn out nearly as handsome as he has — his kitten fur coat was soft like goose down and a mess of gray and black.

Giles & School Of Moxie - day 1

Day 1.

As his fur grew in, his top coat became a beautiful black and his undercoat stayed silver gray.  I found myself with an incredibly gorgeous (and squeezable!) smokey coat Maine Coon mutt-mix.Mr. Giles & SchoolOfMoxie.com

I love his fluffy tail, his big clumsy paws with the fur between his toes, and I adore the way he follows me around from sewing studio to kitchen and back again.  I love that Mr. Giles has an insane addiction to my bathroom sink.  He makes a mess playing in the water, but he’s so darn cute!

Mr. Giles & SchoolOfMoxie.com

Mr. Giles & SchoolOfMoxie.com

Mr. Giles & SchoolOfMoxie.com

Mr. Giles eats Science Diet Hairball Control food, for those of you keeping track and he’s really good about eating HIS food.  I don’t spoil him with many treats because it’s not great for his overall health and I don’t want my cat begging for food.  With the tenacious streak in Mr. Giles, this would be a horrible combination.  However, every year on his birthday he gets an entire can of Fancy Feast… with a candle in it!

Mr. Giles & SchoolOfMoxie.com

Mr. Giles’ 4th birthday – February 29, 2012.

Mr. Giles was born on Leap Year Day, five years ago.  Last year we were able to celebrate his birthday on his true and actual birthday.  This year we are enjoying a two-day celebration between February 28 & March 1.  I think this weekend I will churn out some cat toys for Mr. Giles — there is a mountain of scrap fabric staring me in the face and he’s been so sweet lately, he deserves some fresh catnip.  I may even try my hand at making treats like Joy the Baker did for her Jules Stevens (See?? I’m not the only cat lady who gives her furry baby a first & last name!).

Mr. Giles & SchoolOfMoxie.com

Quality Control Manager asleep on the job.

There is nothing better than falling asleep and waking up to furry cat purring on your feet.

Mr. Giles & SchoolOfMoxie.com

I love you, Kitty Baby!

Mr. Giles & SchoolOfMoxie.com

  • AJ - Happy Birthday Mr Giles!

    Love the pics of him in the sink and on the couch showing his silvery underbelly … what a cutie!


  • Laurie - What a lovely homage! He’s quite a beautiful kitty. And I had no idea his first name was Rupert, which makes me love him all the more without even meeting him. Happy Birthday, Mr. Giles. May you have many more. (and this perpetuates your statement that the internet loves cats!) xxooReplyCancel

  • Sarah B - sooooo cute!!! I heart Mr. Giles, even though he looks at me like I don’t belong at the apartment, lol.ReplyCancel

  • Madelyn - Neenee and I send Mr. Giles very happy birthday wishes! He is heartbreakingly adorable :) So many great photos!ReplyCancel

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  • I’m Taking Domestic Back! : School of Moxie - […] And I love that Mr. Giles has his own fan club!  He loves slowing down the whole sewing process with adorable meddling and has a lot of extra strut in his furry step since this blog launched.  He may never let me forget that one of my highest rated blog posts to date is his birthday celebration. […]ReplyCancel

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