Pattern in Action: Simplicity 2224

Well, my house is quiet once again and Mr. Giles helped me get my sewing room back in order.  The Summer Solstice Dress is full steam ahead!  My mom, dad, and I enjoyed some really great food while they were visiting…  I think I packed on some insulation that needs a some extensive loving from the gym now.  With leftovers in my fridge and freezer, too!  Heaven help me, I’ll die a happy seamstress.

For the time being, let’s look at another blast from the past–Simplicity #2224.  Specifically, pants view D.

I actually sewed the skirt (view A) first, but I didn’t understand waistbands back then so I really screwed it up.  The elastic wasn’t sized correctly  and when I put the skirt on, it just looked totally wrong.  All kinds of wrong.

So, I moved on to the pants.  I remember summer was already heating up and that was how I made the decision to sew the cropped version.  The funny thing was, when it came time to hem the cropped pants, I discovered the cropped length was, in fact, the exact length I wear for regular length pants.  *sigh* Oh, the joys of a petite-sized life!

Wow… look at that old hair!  When I first made these pants, I was really finding my fashion voice for the first time.  Styling was still really new to me, but one thing I understood was the power of great shoes.  The t-shirt and cardigan are from Old Navy, which I don’t shop at much any more other than for yoga pants.  The shoes are from Shoe Dazzle’s Signature Sole Collection and due to the hot pink soles, my friend Autumn dubbed these my “Fauxboutins.”  I’ll take it!  Until the day I can afford real Louboutins, these will certainly suffice.

Things I like about Simplicity 2224:

  • The drawstring waist is super easy to make (now that I know what I’m doing) and also really comfortable to wear.
  • The multiple panels are surprisingly easy to assemble.
  • Pockets!  These pockets are totally awesome.
  • You get skirt, pants, and shorts options–lots of bang for your buck with this pattern purchase.

Things I don’t like about Simplicity 2224:

  • The drawstring waist isn’t as tailored looking, so unless you use some good suiting fabric like I did here, they look (too) casual really fast.
  • The multiple panels also contribute to the casual silhouette, which I waffle about now that I enjoy a really structured and tailored look.
  • I still haven’t attempted to make the skirt again because it was such a failure the first time.  I might make a toile when I get through my backlog of other patterns and I could see the skirt being a nice weekend, casual piece for my wardrobe.

This pattern taught me the importance of quality fabric.  My failed skirt was made with a so-so cotton print; the much more successful pants were made with a high quality pinstripe suiting material that drapes beautifully.

Here are some new views of the pockets and fabric:

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